Dreaming of you

I try not to think of you

But I fail when I’ve slept

Because in my dreams

Is where you’re kept

So I awake to thoughts of

You as though you’re here

But when you have to go

I’m left in so much fear

Because reality seeps in as

I wipe the sleep from my eyes

And remember that you’re

Gone despite all my cries

Gone from my life cause

You left me here alone

And now I can’t even get

You to pick up the phone

For you were a dream

Until I remember

You were real and we

Had it good in December

You came along:

Every hope I’d ever had

And you were calm enough

To never make me mad

But just like that you disappeared

After so many words and kisses

That now it seems all you’ve got

Left for me is hostility and disses

And I keep seeming to go back

To you when I’m lost in my dreams

Then I know I’m no longer in control

But breaking at the seams

I wont admit how much I miss you

Because it’s not what’ll bring you back

Because you would have stayed

If there weren’t things that I lack

But you lack things too

So I knew our time was up

A little before we finally

Managed to breakup

I guess people hold onto to

A lot of things forever

And first love is just one of those

Things that you forget never

Despite your best efforts and

How much you keep trying

But you’ll be gone soon

Because we’re all just dying

So I await the day when

I’m not stuck dreaming of you

Because I honestly do

Understand that we’re through

But you were a lesson I had

To learn because no one

Can teach you until it’s

All over and done

So goodbye for now

I’ll see you tonight

When I lay down my head

And say goodnight.


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