Does it get easier?

I got asked if it ever gets easier. All that I realised is that I was last upset just today. I do cry but the thing is you realise that there is more shit than good in the world. You learn that with time it stops hurting simply because it becomes replaced by something else that hurts more. Life does not have the time to stop or slow down for any of us, it just keeps moving forward, whether we are ready to move with it or not and as it carries on we realise that you are growing away from whatever it was that was hurting you in the first place even though you are maybe hurting even more from something else, but sometimes it could me something smaller and easier to deal with.

Although sometimes, you trace it all back with more and more becoming triggered. I try not to sit and dwell on the past these days, because we need to work on our ability to forgive rather than going over it and knowing that we will never forget because the pain and memories are even more clear than we thought they might be. I have resolved myself to keeping some things close to my heart inside and pushing some to the back and darkest parts of my brain. Both kinds will resurface in their own way but we realise that over time we are more well equipped to recognise and deal with the challenges that come our way.

Whether it is loss, grief, heartbreak, defeat, self-loathing or a crime of some kind. I only know one thing for sure: It might not always get better but it does get easier.


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