My accident

Life is shook sometimes, it may not always be

A tsunami, an earthquake or a natural disaster

But could be a loss or defeat of some kind

That makes you look back and reflect a lot after.

For me, it was a car, that I did not see,

It shook me hard, left me lying there still conscious

And I’ve been through some stuff in my life

But suddenly it all just seemed like nonsense.

When your precious human life gets threatened,

You need to put it all into perspective;

Your depression, your mood swings, your stitch-ups,

Maybe meditate a little and do some other things reflective.


When you open your eyes, you realise it’s time to learn,

Whether it be learning again how to walk

Or sitting back to reflect a little on what you

Ought to say before you open your mouth to talk.

Because sometimes this life can tend to surprise you,

But it knows that all the challenges it sends

Are ones you can overcome with strength,

Even if its the ones that make your bones bend.

It’s simple sometimes, just a rod and some screws

And you’re on the mend to getting back to be you,

But sometimes you’re at rock bottom, stuck in your

Own mind, not realising that you can make it through.


Look at me, standing here still, whatever happens to hit you,

A car or depression, life knows that you can make it through.


6 thoughts on “My accident

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your accident. And I really hope you’re doing okay, or at least much better now. Sending lots of love and strength! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This year has definitely been a lot, went through a terrible break up and then got hit by a car so taken a lot of time for healing inside and out, but on the mend…you’ll see a lot more of me whilst I’m stuck with a broken leg cause writing a lot more again!


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