Speaking Out is Important

I recently came to realise how important it is to be vulnerable and honest. Sharing your story can in fact be extremely helpful to others. It is actually both beautiful and inspiring to speak out and let everyone know how ok it is to not be ok. I was slightly terrified, but also so proud to speak on behalf of the artidote about my personal experiences. This was a story that I felt should be told. I have heard so many people saying how negative social media is, particularly amongst young people. However, it has definitely always been a source of positivity for me; something that is always there at my fingertips (quite literally) and has allowed me to find hope where I believed there was only darkness.

This community has been with me and there for me countless times and the strength of the artidote really speaks for itself in everything it does. From the quotes and pictures that brighten our day to the saving of so many lives, not just my own. This was my way to gain strength to speak out and finally become proud of putting my name onto everything that I talk about and share. It was my way of really knowing that I am not alone.


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