Fight or flight?

Fight or flight, but they forgot one. What about freeze? They cannot put themselves in your shoes, they do not know how it feels. You become weak, you become scared, you just freeze. It is a psychological reaction that has been proven to happen again and again. So they criticise you: they say why did you not run, why did you not fight? But how do they know how it feels…they were not there. They could not save you. You could not even save yourself. Once the damage is done, it is done. They all forget, but you never will. They forget about the way things affect you, a unique and individual person. They cannot relate, they cannot know, the cannot put themselves in your shoes, even though they will claim that they know how it feels. Only you know. You have every right to feel. You are a human. You get to take your time. You get to go through life fighting, because that moment when you froze, it will affect you and continue to affect you. You no longer run scared, you fight and continue to fight and stand up for what you believe in. That is what makes you so unique. That is everything that they will never know. So do not be ashamed when they ask questions and do not understand the answers. Be brave. Be strong. Be you. Do not let them tell you that you were wrong when only you can know.


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