Things That Hurt

  • Wanting that which you cannot have
  • Having a fear of intimacy
  • Loving someone
  • Finding it hard to believe someone that says nice things
  • Feeling out of place
  • Thinking it would be better if you were dead
  • Caring too much
  • When your tears at night go unnoticed, even though the other person is awake
  • People that do not understand you
  • Falling apart in the shower every day
  • Keeping the hurt to yourself out of fear
  • Feeling disappointed in yourself
  • Unanswered cries for help
  • Memories of that which you cannot get back
  • Memories that you hope will never come back but continue to haunt you
  • Not being asked how your day was
  • Knowing that there are people out there who could understand me better than anyone, that I may never meet

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