Sometimes I forget how brave I am,

I forget how much I do for others,

I keep smiling through the exhaustion

And it is exhausting. Pretending.

It is heartbreaking that the moments

Are so fleeting that they become

Unrecognisable. Unimaginable, even.

I keep going, keep pushing forward,

Figure that if I stay busy long enough,

It will not catch up to me, but it does.

It always does eventually. I am brave,

But I am broken, into so many more

Pieces than I even comprehended

When I began to pick them up, putting

Them all back together and realised

That I could not carry them on my own;

That I needed help. What a wonderful

Realisation. I think that is bravery.

Not faking it, after all these years and

Being strong enough to address your

Flaws and being willing to fix them.

That is me. Exhausted, but brave.



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