My Best Friend

Something truly amazing is happening. The world really has its balance. Somehow everything works out. Somehow, you hold on. Somehow, you have hope. My best friend in the whole entire world is coming to see me. She is coming to surprise me. She is bringing presents and all the love that I need right now. I said nothing. I told no one of my pain and of how much I was hurting. Our souls have always been connected. You always know. When you have a friend like that. Words are unnecessary. Souls are entwined.

I cannot breathe right now. I cannot stop the happy tears. I cannot stop screaming. My aching heart. I am restless. I cannot do anything. Think or stop. I am just amazed. The world is truly incredible. My best friend is truly incredible and I think I am the luckiest person alive right now. I think that I am so incredibly lucky that nothing happened to me. That I found the sense, that reason, that purpose. Just a couple of days has shown me that the strength is there. I have so much to hold on to. To hold on for. I will keep fighting. I will be strong until my very last breath and I hope that it is not any time soon.


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