Death Wish

I wish I had died,

I wish that I had

Been stabbed at

Seventeen instead

And I had bled

To a slow and

Painful death.

Death would be

Easier than this,

Because it does

Not end you,

But you really

Wish it did.

You wish you

Were dead.

You want an

End to this pain.

You do not want

To have to be

Here and listen

To all the voices.

The pain.

The memories.

I would rather

Be dead.

I wish someone

Had come and

Killed me instead,

Because I am not

Strong enough

To kill myself.

That is why I am

Still here. Alive,

By accident.


Not thriving.

If it was easy,

I would do it.

It takes a lot of

Courage to do that.

I am too weak.

To do that to

Yourself and

Everyone around.

That takes strength.

So I wish I could

Be dead, please,

Someone, do it

For me, any way

You can, just end

Me, please.

I cannot carry

The pain.

I cannot live

Like this.




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