Laughing feels good, really good.

People rarely tell you that when

They talk about the suffering.

They rarely tell you that you evolve

Into this new person who learns

To recognise the good and bad.

They do not tell you that your days

Become based on calculations, risk.

They should tell you that good and

Bad are extremely fluid. They should

Say that goodness is always seeping

Through. They should tell us that

We are special, we are unique and so

Incredibly blessed, because we know

What it means to feel. We know that

Life is precious, that nature is precious,

That everything around and every

Moment is more amazing than you know

Until it is over. So I live in the moment.

I learn from the moments, my strength

Comes from every moment of my life.

You really cherish that goodness.

Those moments come and go, but

Oh when they are here, they are beyond

What you could have imagined in the

Darkness, they are beyond beautiful.

When it comes and your eyes light up,

Like it is the core of your being,

Being put back into place, you have

Returned home, you are alive again.

The whole world just begins to fall

Away as you are lifted up in an

Intense moment. It overwhelms you.

A fragile body that cannot contain

Such an emotion. How lucky to have

So much joy, so much love, so much

Happiness that you cannot contain it.

How amazing to be in a body that

Knows what to do with it and gives

You so much more joy until it is

Followed by a silent moment of peace.

The balance has come, the emotions

Are released for all the world to receive

And you are calm, you are free!

I know the power of a laugh like that.

You savour it, every single second as

It goes by and then you hold on as

Tightly as you possibly can manage,

You know that it is your weapon to fight

The pain, to keep the darkness out.

It is there, ready for the battle and you

Are armed with more strength than

You realised. You are blessed. Remember,

Not everyone can feel that. Not everyone

Has a light like that inside of them.

It is special. It is what makes me. I will

Never let the suffering define me, only

The strength. That is why I stifle the tears,

I know my body, it can cope with it,

It will choose to take another path and

Remain strong, it will choose to laugh.


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