It hits me like a ton of bricks.

The shame: it is overwhelming.

I hear the words that taste of

Disappointment, failure, what

A mess I have made. The blame.

The weight of it all is too much

To carry, I cannot breathe.

Stop with those looks, stop with

Those words, please, they are

Killing me. Your actions stay,

Haunting me through the night,

Leaving me restless, breathless,

Shaking, hurting, tormented,

Beyond what you could possibly

Believe from the smile I put on

To face every day. There is no

Confidence here, there is nothing

Left after you took it from me.

Robbed me with your words; they

Echo and resonate through me.

I cannot look at myself, anymore.

You have made me not want to be

Me, you have made me ashamed.

I do not wish to be here, I feel a

Need to escape, run away, flee.

Anyway I can, I need to leave,

Because I am suffocating here.

How can you expect one person

To carry your downfalls? – your

Judgemental ways and cruel words,

Why do you give them to me?

I try to throw them away but it

All stays until there is nothing left

But blame and shame.


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