I like walking in the rain,

Walking without purpose;

The calm of an evening stroll,

Observing the wonders of the world

In the presence of my own company.

I enjoy the way the sky changes

From day to night and watching

People change too as the day comes

To a close and the darkness frees

Sights you do not ordinarily see,

From lovers stood still kissing to

The lone person walking scared.

I walk with my eyes open,

I walk to learn from everyone and

Everything until my feet begin to

Hurt and tell my brain that it is

Time now to return and rest,

But my mind is not done and I

Reflect at home on everything

That I have seen – A place where I

Was born and grew up that is now

Unfamiliar, as it is ever-changing.

That teaches me to never stop walking,

For there will always be learning and

There are far more wonders to see.



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