For Mother:

You called about the dent in my car.

Never mind the one in my brain.

Never mind that I have switched off.

Never mind that I was not calling to

Tell you what had happened.

I was really calling to tell you that

I miss you. That is why the small talk.

I want to listen to the sound of your

Voice, no matter what you are saying.

I called because I need you.

I called because I am hurting.

I called because the only way I know

To be close to you and hear your voice

Is by talking about what happened.

I cannot explain what is going on inside.

You will never understand, so I tell you

About the day to day happenings.

You tell me yours and I listen

Wishing the words you were saying

Were different. Wishing for more.

I wish I could crawl scared into your

Arms and you would hold me.

You would put me back together,

But instead, I tell you about

The dent put in my car yesterday.


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