Missing You

My darling, the missing you comes in

Strong waves like hurricanes.

Some days, it becomes harder to cope

Because this world is a dark place,

I think you and I would know.

But I am lucky and I always remember

That I have milk and honey,

A beautiful gift from a beautiful friend:

It is survival.

It is a life completely fulfilled and

Being able to face my fears with all the

Strength that you have given me.

It hurts when  we are not together,

But feels like no time has passed

And when I see you, you continue to be a

Light in my life as you always have

And always will. You are my rock,

My constant, my core, my world.

Nothing will ever compare to

What I have with you and I think,

How did I get so lucky.

What did I do to deserve such love,

But I know and you know it too.

This world has been hard enough

On both of us and so we were

Blessed with one another.

There is so much more to come

And I am glad that we will face

None of it alone.


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