First Impressions

I am beginning to forget names, faces, places. I imagine that if I go to them or see them again, I would recognise that I know this place or face. Right now, I cannot picture them. I am getting older and things begin to fade. My memory is not as reliable. I feel this has a lot to do with the impact something has on you. There are names I will never forget, places I always dream of going back to. There are some people who I hated at first until I got to know them better. Places I did not want to be, that began to feel like home. I think that this shift, this discovery that you were wrong, leads you to a more invested interest in something. There are people I do not speak to anymore, or whose name I never knew, but my encounter with them has never left my memories.

I thought it was sad at first, I thought I should work harder to try to keep them. I realised that people must feel it about me. I sometimes get told how enchanting and what a pleasure it was to meet me. This completely changes my mindset. I realise that without speaking to me or knowing me, I am an easy person to judge. I may seem superficial and materialistic from far-off. I come from privilege and I present myself well. However, I present my ideas better. I know what I am passionate about and it is not money or looks. I think that is why people see a confidence. I am sure of myself. Not because of makeup or clothes, but because of hard work. I know how I got here. I know that I fought to live and for my ideas and to be me. You would not know that from a quick encounter.

I am guilty of judging too quickly. Making false assumptions. I know that it happens to me a lot. I know that I am an easy person to come to quick conclusions about. I know that your conclusions will probably be wrong. So I believe in second chances. I believe people enter and leave your life for a reason and I choose to let it be. I usually discover the reasons. I usually discover it was all for the best. I have formed friendships I never imagined I would have and have gone deeper with people that I did not know I would not be seeing again. I do not live with regrets. I almost end every conversation well, in case it is a last. I never let people’s first impressions of me stick and allow them to do the same. You can break my mind’s perception of you, if you wish. Believe me, letting me get to know you will be worth it.


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