Self Image

Recently, I have been trying to focus less on what people think of me. I have noticed that people are so quick to judge. They only ever want you to fail and do not praise your successes. We are human and we tend to have some level of jealously in us. I am understanding of this. I do sometimes envy, but I like to shower people with praise and boost their confidence. I am not much of a runner, but I still take my unfit self and go for runs in public. I have begun to realise that it does not matter who is looking and what they have to say. Today I found myself smiling, I was enjoying it. I was not in pain and I was achieving more than I ever had, both physically and mentally. I enjoy poetry and songwriting. I do not perform anywhere, but I have opened up to the idea of other people hearing me and it not being as scaring. These are my words and they started for me. Not everyone has to like them, but if you do, why not share it. Telling someone how much you appreciate something they did or how they made you feel, could be the action they needed to shift their mood and change their day. Recently, I have been told a lot how well I write. I have been told that I am confident, when believe me I am not. I am shy and scared and I have so many insecurities. I am fearless. I face all my fears. I knock down all the voices in my head telling me I cannot and I do it anyway. I learnt that faking it, is the best way to really achieve it. I began writing, not that long ago and I have realised that I love it more than anything. I realised that I am good at it because I am scared. I realised I could do so many things and was capable of more than I imagined when I started this blog. I am doing all of them, everyday. I am living more than ever. I am living fearlessly. As soon as I stopped thinking and worrying what others thought, I began to realise how much I loved me. How much everything I did was my choice and how happy it made me. The negativity is mostly gone from my life and what is left is a pretty amazing and whole person. Maybe all of you can find that too, if you stop for a second to think about what makes you happy and ensure that you always do that, no matter how scary it might be. It may start as a fear, but when you knock it down, you will live. Fearlessly.


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