I have come to realise those that are most important in my life. I realise and understand that friends who you do stuff with are important, but I cherish those who I just want to spend time with. There are people who I like to do nothing with. We make no plans other than to see each other. We catch up, spend time in each other’s presence and have a chat. We are relaxed with no time or place constraints and I think it allows you to be much more open. I have learnt that some of the people I see the most, know nothing about me, because we get caught up in the activity that we are doing. We talk less and learn less about each other from it. They may end up knowing what I like doing or how I spend my time, but what I really like is my solitude.

There are moments when I do exactly what I want to do. I never have to worry about who is watching or what they are thinking. The people who I talk with and go deep with, they know exactly what I will be doing and how I like to spend my time. They know that I write and if you do not know that I write, then wow do you not know me, because I absolutely love to write. If you do not know that I think there is nothing more magical than a sunrise or sunset, then something must be missing. My solitude is usually spent observing. Often, I invite people to observe with me. I will walk with someone and if we are doing nothing else but walking then I will speak openly about the beauty I have seen. I will not hide my poetry and the poetic art inside of me.

There are people who I so admire and can learn from that all I want to do is talk and ask questions. There are people I love so much that all I want is to just see them. To know that I will do nothing but smile and laugh in those moments is special. I miss people far too much and it fills me back up to be with them. I am an ambivert so I do love my solitude, but if you can beat that, which I have learnt many can, I have all the time in the world for you. I contain so many stories and I live and think that I may be here to listen to stories. I soak it all up and I love descriptions that make me feel it, exactly as it happened. I think there is nothing better than a meaningful encounter or conversations.

So my hobbies, they are not sports or music or shopping. I do not like to go the cinema or watch television, although I occasionally enjoy an old film. I like to read, usually alone or play guitar, where no one can hear me. I like to talk though. I speak to strangers on the street or at the gym or in a shop. I talk to those important friends I have been blessed with. I write it all down. All my stories. Sometimes I even share them. That is how I know someone is special. When I can share with them and me, the closed book that I am, manages to let a person in.


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