Trigger Warnings

I read a post recently that explained why there should not be trigger warnings. To some extent I agree. Obviously, when it comes to sensitive audiences such as those to young or those who have recently experienced trauma, trigger warnings can be very helpful. However, I think that now, I almost never notice them. I see them often in all that I read and surround myself with. I think they have become almost ordinary to me. I think of what I have gone through and I see the words, but they are meaningless now. I think I have healed too much.

The post believes that we do not need trigger warnings, because it leaves us to avoid the feelings we do not want to feel. We end up not confronting or addressing something, if we do not want to. I chose to address everything. Even when emotions pour out that I do not want or think that I am not ready to deal with, I let it all come out. I allow myself to gain strength through addressing it. The idea of a memory-proximity mine can be just about anything. The places, smells, faces, things out there in the world do not come with trigger warnings. The emotions are just triggered and most of the time we cannot help it.

I believe that it is important to not be sheltered. I think that we should be facing and addressing our issues. Maybe it is because I am strong. Maybe others do not have the strength. At least for me, right now, everything I go through and every reminder makes me so strong. I do not think I could have lasted a day longer without addressing my issues. I think if I kept it all in, I would burst. I think if I discovered the truth inside of me, later on, people would understand less. I would have continued for so long feeling fraudulent. Not feeling like me at all.

I enjoy falling apart. It is always me who puts the pieces back together and it is pretty miraculous. I am no longer scared of living. Nor am I scared of dying. I am in a middle sort of bliss where I know now that anything can hit and nothing will be able to hurt me.


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