Thoughts from a teenage me:

Would you think it was weird for a teenager to believe in faeries? I mean ok angels – well if you are Christian, you might believe in angels and I am Christian, but I just love the idea of faeries, is that a sin? I think that someday, I may meet one and I will keep its secret forever. Maybe, I will fall in love with one. I love to imagine. A child’s imagination is wild but as you grow up and mature, it tames. It is sad to let it go. I wanted to be like Peter Pan but I guess I cannot just fly away to Neverland. I believe in magic and pretty much everything weird. I guess it is because of films and books about the whole idea with myths and legends. I like to think it is not just seeing is believing. That there is more than just plants and animals but beasts and creatures too. Well, I do not know about the beast part. Maybe tame beasts. Everything has to have a good side. Even Santa. I believe in him. My mum says that I am too old, but you can never be too old. You can keep your childlike imagination your whole life. Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Christ so Santa could be St. Nicholas. The tooth fairy – I think a fairy to collect baby teeth is a stupid idea but maybe they are needed for something although I cannot imagine what. I guess I believe in Santa because of my sister. She is twenty-three and still believes in him. Although, it is mainly because of the film Miracle On 34th Street. I think of Santa as a saint sent from God to help people so even if he is not real; he was and his Christmas spirit is still here. Why else would people give gifts. Everyone who brings joy to someone else with a gift is like Santa. No matter how big or small – I do not care. I used to count my presents but the only reason I still sometimes do is to see all the people who care about me and that gives me spirit and makes me happy on Christmas day. Everyone together, happy and having fun. I learnt that from the Grinch. I believe that lots of things are magic, it does not have to be a spell. Love is magic. It cannot be cast onto someone. It just happens. Sunrise and sunset are the most magical things I have seen and when I receive something special or do something special, it is like magic. That is why we treasure these moments. In a film, I remember someone saying we all want love so badly because it is the closest thing we have to magic. We all have magic. In each and every one of our lives, everyday. We are just too blind and ignorant to see it. The world is great. We should open our eyes to the magic and stop taking it for granted. Always love life and I am still holding out for something bigger – maybe faeries, but probably love.

Nice to see I have not changed much – still treasuring the sky as it changes throughout the day. Still believing in that which I cannot see. I may not be a Christian anymore, but I have hope. Hope for a magical love, hope that there is a world out there that I will be discovering.


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