This, is for my sister

She needs to know how amazing and incredible she is. She got me through years and years of tears. She is my rock. She has no idea what it feels like to come into this life with a sibling before you. She had no one and nothing. My entire life, I have had someone to turn to. Someone to fight with and get on with and enjoy life with. I have never known a time when I was not climbing into her bed feeling like my world was crumbling for whatever reason. I have not wanted to write about her, because her impact on my life has been a special one. I do not think of her as anything but constant. She will always be there, always be related to me. There for me. I remember when she left to go travelling. The very first time I was at home on my own without her. After we dropped her off and we were in the car driving home, I put my iPod on. It was the song Home by Michael Bublé. I felt like an absolute disaster. I could not stop crying. My heart could not stop aching. I wanted to see her again, even for just a second, I wanted to run into her arms and my world to be complete. She was all I ever knew. I never made friends in school, I was bullied, but I got to come home to my sister every single day. I used to watch her and think she was incredible, everything I wanted to be. I would follow her, do what she did and there was never a day without a smile. Just because the kids at school made fun of me or my mum was harsh on me, I was still happy. I was happy that I had her to raise me and befriend me. She used to get me the best presents and I would watch her wrap them with one eye open as she thought I was sleeping. I thought I was the luckiest kid out there. I still listen to that song a lot. I always hear it and I remember that home, is really a person. I hear it and I think that I want to go home so badly, to my sister. To my rock. I always had so much to tell her and even if it was pointless and meaningless, just seeing her and speaking to her made me complete. I remember all the years waiting anxiously and patiently until I was an adult just like her. I thought about everything we would do together. Two powerful incredible women conquering and facing the world. There is so much more to say about her that I am sure I will get to one day. But for my sister, it will all be alright, I am coming back home.


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