I needed to relearn wrong and right,

Because they had been forgotten.

I needed to take that small child

Inside of me and educate her.

There was damage. She was damaged

And everything had become blurry

So I did not know, could not remember

Who she was before all the heartbreak,

Before all the pain and loss.

I think I may have finally found her.

I have been on a journey,

Maybe the one back to her.

She used to write, before the world

Told her writers did not make it.

She used to sing, before the world

Told her that her song was not good enough.

She used to laugh then that laugh got silenced.

She was once able to speak her mind –

They made her believe her opinions did not matter.

Then came the day, years later,

When she looked at herself in the mirror

And saw her worth. She saw the power

In someone who has been treated wrong

And still strives for goodness. She learnt

That this life is bittersweet, but she focused in

On the sweetness. Life had taken everything

Away, but years later: she learnt the truth.

She was set free after years of lies.

She discovered that everything she needed

Was inside her. So she began again.

She began to write like it was the first time

She was writing. She began to sing like no one

Listening could tell her it was not good enough.

She laughed because she felt the joy her

Laughter brought. She always speaks her mind,

Because she has now learnt her opinions

Should always matter, just as she sits listening

For hours to the opinions of others.

Now, she is open, even though this world

Had made her cold and she closed herself off.

She knows how to undo and keep living.

She knows how to forgive and maybe even love.




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