I have a bad history with men. From my dad to my stepdad to boys who wanted me for my body to men who took my body away from me to men who let me down and disappointed me to strangers who look at me like a piece of meat to those who break my trust. I assumed you were the same. I assumed until the point when another bad man entered my life, because I attract them apparently. Then I think I said something to you like this world is full of horrible people, but you are certainly not one of them.

My stepdad taught me that good guys are few and far between. He shows me what to look for. What a relationship can be. I have not found it though. I do not think it will be easy. I demand respect, compassion and understanding. I do not trust easily and I am of course terrified. I live my life fearlessly anyway. I inevitably end up in situations that I should not, because I am a mess who cannot always keep it together.

The thing is if I had been fine, if I had not froze, if I could have turned off my mind for just a second then I do not know what would have resulted. A part of me wishes that I had been ok, but I know that this is something I have to live with and not deny. I go through more nights of no sleep and I realise that I need this. I need the chance to trust. I needed you to say I do not want to have done anything to stop you from trusting men or that I had nothing to fear. I needed that reassurance so badly. I had never heard it before. Or when I had it had been lies. I needed someone to say those words, not in a I am trying to get you into bed kind of way, but in a genuine apology sort of way.

Things mess with me. Everything messes with me. There is so much hurt here. So much destruction and disaster. For a long time I have wanted to resolve my issues with men and here I am doing that. When I was hugged today and not let go of, like I was a child, like I was precious and important to my stepdad I realised – the trust does come after years of rain. I realised how good it felt and I always want to cry when I feel that goodness.

That is why life is a bitch to me. I want to be held not fucked. I want someone who desires me like Alaska. Who wants to lie and sleep and just let me be me. I will get there eventually. This is so hard to find. No one waits for me. The issues are not even deep anymore. They are right on the surface. Everything has come full circle and I talk so openly now. It does not bother me. Many have gone through worse and I know my limitations and am so self-aware. I handle things well and have overcome so many barriers from finally having sex again to opening up about my experiences.

I have changed so much. I have grown up. That child lives within me and will always live within me. I hold her now in the most special of ways. I hold her innocence in my heart and I keep loving until there is nothing left. Love was all I needed. All I ever looked for anywhere and everywhere. Now I know, love starts with me.

I can trust men again because I have resolved me. I know that I am confident and so aware of myself. I know my own worth and I will not settle for anything less than someone else who knows it too. No one can mess with me. It will be hard. This life is a mess and a challenge. Everything – all the issues. All the little things that pour out of me. All that I feed myself and tell myself, it helps me. I will never live in denial, I am strong and brave. More than you can ever truly realise.


One thought on “Men

  1. You got it. You are right on track now 😉 Forget who you were, what it was like, you are different now, better!
    Know yourself to be infinitely worthy of inifinite love! Love yourself each and every day more, life will reflect.
    Keep rocking 😉

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