How does it feel?

I have this really special friend. She always asks the question ‘how does it feel?’ when I am telling her something. Whether it be a story or a statement or a rambling of information, she always asks how do you feel about it. I did not know how important this was. I did not realise that the whole world could stop for a second. The story and the actions all freeze as I stop to think about the meaning. As I try to discover how it is that I feel. I pause to reflect. Sometimes I am ok, sometimes I am mad or sad. Every time, she focuses in on my feelings even though she knows the people and places of the story. It becomes less gossip and more therapy. Every friendship should be like that. Caring about the other person’s feelings rather than the in between day  to day actions. After all, we remember how we felt above all else. I remember the first time I felt love, sadness, disaster, joy all so clearly. It is so important. Even when it feels like you cannot put words to the feeling because it is too deep or powerful, you feel like you cannot do it justice. It is so important to try, to reflect. I think that everyone should be more aware of how people are feeling. That is why I am so expressive with my emotions. That is why I say exactly how I feel to people. If I am scared or hurt or happy or grateful, you should know about it. We are not mind readers and I appreciate that. I do not get angry if someone does not understand. I explain. I connect with people. Then you find that you can talk to absolutely anyone and life becomes even more enjoyable.


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