“C’est la vie and maybe something’s wrong with me, but at least I am free”

I have been listening to these song lyrics and thinking about acceptance. This life is not what I expected. I was young, naïve and a hopeless romantic until it chewed me up and spat me back up. Now, I take whatever comes my way. I do so with a smile. For all this life has taken away, it has given me a hell of a lot more. I remember how it felt. I used to study and focus on the future. I was this incredibly smart girl and I knew that I could achieve greatness, but I was not me. I was whoever I was asked to be. Whatever the world wanted out of me and made me, that was all that I was and could be. I was so constrained. Whilst I did not get to go to Cambridge, I am happier than I have ever been. I crumbled under all that pressure, but I got back up and began to things for me. Today, I found out I got into every masters I applied for. It is a pretty great feeling. It made me think, everyone who told me my life was over when I was eighteen, they were wrong. This life is far from it. There is still greatness to be had here. As soon as you stop expecting anything from life, I think you learn the beauty of it. The beauty that anything can happen. I know that my survival rate is high and I know that my success rate is too. Nothing can touch me anymore, I am finally feeling free. To an outsider, it may look as though something is wrong and maybe my life is spirally out of control, but I am so glad. It is the only one I have after all.


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