Being Social

Today was a no social interactions day.

Thank you for pulling out the smile.

Thank you for breaking down the fort I created,

For pushing my boundaries and just being you.

I know you well now so there are things

I have come to expect when I see you.

The familiarity of a face and voice I know:

They are truly good and helpful to me.

Relying on something that you know

And receiving just that is incredible.


Today became a social interactions day.

It became a time to trust and not get hurt.

I got my voice back and decided to use it.

That is what it is there for after all.

At the end of the day, I see that

Today was not so much of a challenge.

It was an open door for more days like today.

No hurt today, no badness could get in

And not because I was closed off,

But because I was too strong.


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