To the one who ruined me:

You turned me

Upside down.

I lost my path,

My focus.

I have no idea

Who I am anymore.


That was me

Is gone.

I am just

An empty shell.

Here, now,

Years later,

It is still there.

It all still exists.

It is harder

To get rid of

Than I ever


I was violated,

I did not ask for it.

I did not want it.

I wished

You had never

Touched me,

Never laid

Eyes on me.

I was not

Yours to take.

I was with

Someone else.

I have always

Been reserved,

Innocent, naïve.

I had no idea

What was

Happening to me.

Why did you

Do it to me?

What was the

Appeal of me?

No one has ever

Wanted me before,

Now, no one

Will again.

Is that all

I am good for?

To be used once,

Then thrown away?



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