Labyrinth of Suffering

How can I escape this labyrinth? I am lost in the maze. Everything is a bit of a blur. I am in my own head and there are too many vicious cycles. The suffering is never-ending. The only way is to forgive, but I struggle to forgive. The problem is that you never forget. When I sit back and take the time to remember, I relive. I have not forgotten any moments, any details. How could I have?

It seems unfair, to be a woman. To have this struggle. I do not want it. I do not like it. I did not ask for this attention. I would like to be left alone. ‘No’ did not make me free or powerful.

However, today – International Women’s Day, I shared my story. Out of all the days, this collisions of events could have happened on, this one could not be more appropriate. I had my day and taken up by beautiful, strong and independent women. All these are people I learn from, every day and I confided in them.

Last night, I thought I wanted to die. I thought I was done. I am still in the maze and it is not fair. However, I see these women and I see myself, clearer than ever. All I think now, is what a gift. What beauty this is to be the fairer sex and to get to connect, learn and extend a hand to others. This is the future and this is our world. Women helping women. Everywhere. Believe me, I will be a massive part of it.


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