If life has taught me anything, it is that people let you down. They leave, they hurt you and you cannot predict or prepare for it. It is unfair. It is a life and world of pain. Not only is it the pain of those who hurt you, but there is pain in all the people you aim and try to trust. They let you down too. I have had my heartbroken far too many times and never by a lover.

I am fed up. I am frustrated with it. I want to be the one to go for once. I do not want to be so easily affected, impacted and attached to everything. I am cutting all ties. I will escape. It is time for me. I want to be on my own. Start again. Start by doing whatever I want to.

I have been stung far too many times in far too many ways. I am done with sitting around, when there is so much to gain. There is a life out there waiting and it is all for me. I do not want this one. It does not make me happy. I am done with the pain. I do not deserve it, despite what people tell me. It is about time that I begin to do things for me and push myself only so far as that I do not break.

It is time for me to start making good out of all the bad.


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