Every day is different. It is its own little challenge. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad. Sometimes I feel pain, sometimes so much love – love for everyone and everything, an appreciation, a gratitude and just generally blessed. I know that it is a miracle that I am here – I am still alive, still breathing and I get through everything well with my head held high. I miss people and places, but the good thing about this world is the way in which life goes on and it is possible to see things again, maybe having gained a new perspective. It is possible to grow and heal and just be. I know who I am but I still ask questions, taking every day as it comes, learning as much as I can. I am so unique and I have incredible self worth. I know my own value. I choose who I let in to my life wisely and though I do not trust easily and may seem mysterious, my past is a huge part of that. I now view it as important to be known, seen and understood by those around me. I have been affected, I have healed and I move forward with so much strength and a lot having been gained. This tourney is far from over, but sometimes it is nice to step back, breathe and recognise how far you have come.

Honestly: I am happy with how it is all going because through it all, I know that I am me and that is all I need to be.


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