Dear Mum,

You say that you are waiting for an apology from two months ago now. Do you not know that I am still waiting for an apology from years ago. I had to forgive without the sorry. Why are you so self-centred that you need it to be about you, always? I have accepted this. I know you well now. You were the one who hurt me. You made me cry. Why should I apologise for that? I cannot do it. I will not apologise for my existence, my emotions, the way you made me. Now, I am my own person. I am going to stand strong in my actions. I was hurting and it was because of you. That is not fair. Get some perspective. Put yourself in my shoes and stop being so critical. I am human. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I will never be good enough for you and that is not fair. Sometimes, I react to you and maybe that is wrong or seems unfair to you. However, you should see that it is natural to have reactions and emotions. Stop pushing them out of me. I have to deal with yours every day. Just try to learn something from people’s responses. Please.


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