milk and honey







Sometimes you read a book and every single word on every single page is completely relatable. You want everyone around you to read it, in order to understand you better.

It is a short book and it reads so well, line after line of poetry. However, you know that for some people, they would not read this book. They would put it down too quickly, because they could not deal with torturing thoughts and pain. They could never relate and that is what makes it so hard for them to read it.

It is incredible though, to find something that can speak to you. Can get you through your every day. To have been blessed with it by my best friend makes it all the more special to me. She knew that I needed it and she related in a way that I know not many ever will, but for those out there who suffer, I am sharing this with you, hoping you will read it one day.

the hurting: I wanted to cry, but there was something about the way she wrote. It was not pain or sadness, but an anger building up, fuelling the next part.

the loving: I remembered all the times I had been so wrong about someone and it all came from the hurt. I thought about everything I wanted, craved and needed to find.

the breaking: I am broken, I have been broken so many times. I fall into a trap of believing that which is not true. The hurt can be a vicious cycle sometimes.

the healing: The best part. It comes every day, every second. It is in the small and big. It is in the realisations, the growing up. It is incredible. Everything I needed. I needed to know that what I went through was over. That nobody could put me down again. That I am so powerful. That my opinions matter. That I am blessed. That there is and can be balance.

I still want to cry, but this is a new emotion. This is that feeling of freedom that comes, when you have a new way of coping that requires only you. This is how special you really are and that you are not alone. There are others out there who think and feel in the same way as you do. That is such a reassurance. You do not need to see their face or hear their voice, but their words – not only do they stay with you forever, but they are all that you need. They get you through.

do not let bitterness steal your sweetness. milk and honey.


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