To the girl who taught me how to love:

I will forever be grateful. Before we met, I may have said ‘I love you’, but I was too young to know what I was saying. As innocence left me, I built up walls and most emotions were gone. You broke them down. You let me love again like the child I should still be. You made me feel special with your warm hugs and pleasant nature. Without you, I know that I would still feel alone. With you, I realise that I never want to go back there. I hope you know what you have done and of this great power that you used to touch my life. And if I die tomorrow or the day after, I will know that all that mattered had happened, because I met you and you changed me. But what is more important is that if I die, you will never know this so I am telling you now, hoping you will never forget it. It is said that the greatest gift of all is love so you are truly an angel, because you gave me that gift and I know it is the best gift I will get in my whole life even though I have not lived it. So before I never get a chance to tell you this, ever, I want to say thank you: for you are truly beautiful on the the outside, but more importantly than that, pure on the inside. And in case it is the last time I can say it – I LOVE YOU.


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