Do you ever feel sad at the strangest of times for no apparent reason? And not just unhappiness but a full blown wave of sadness coming over you. It is painful and uncontrollable, so no matter what you do, you just cannot stop it and it leaves you aching, yearning, sore for something, but you have no idea what. That is sadness. That is the worst type of pain. Empty pain.

People ask you what is wrong or why you cannot smile. Honestly, you do not know. You only know that if you tried to, you might break. You need to just rest in the sadness for a moment, because you know it will pass. Maybe afterwards, you can figure it out. Embracing the sadness can help you realise what put you into that state and how you can learn from it, in order to grow.

I do not believe in fighting sadness or trying to be superficially happy. You walk around taking to people about such menial things that you just become angry. You place so much energy into laughing and trying to have fun that you become drained. Then you are frustrated with the people who let you cover up your sadness. All you really needed was to run into someone and fall apart, either with them or in front of them.


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