Let It Go

I hate the feeling you get when you know that you are losing someone. When your sensitivity levels are so high that you can detect the changes. You can see the look in someone’s eyes and hear it in their voice. They are not following you anymore. The conversation takes a turn. It becomes deeper and you reveal that you can be dark at times and maybe that you think too much. You are a mystery to them and they realise that you will always be a mystery to them. For some people, that is not enough. They need to know everything.

With the right people, you will open up. The information does not change their feelings towards you or the way they look at you. You cannot undo the act of opening up to someone. Especially damaged people. If and when it comes out, it is obvious that this is no joke. All this is real and your perception of this person changes. It can be either good or bad. It will tell you a lot about a person. Either they can be good and sensitive enough to take on every word, to respect the honesty and to admire the courage and strength of the individual.

However, if someone cannot accept what you do and do not wish to tell them and if they do not have the patience to wait for trust to come, the best thing to do is let them go. They were probably already gone. If you encountered someone who thought highly of you until they knew the truth, they are not worthy of knowing you. If knowledge tarnishes their opinion of you, then they had it wrong about you all along. I want someone who will accept me and love me for exactly who I am.

Although, it hurts so much, in a piercing way to lose someone right before your eyes, the right thing to do is let go. Do not fight it, but learn or ask what it was. Maybe you can recognise it earlier on next time, so that you can cut out some of the pain and decrease the sense of loss. Losing can sometimes be a victory. Especially when you are strong enough to let it go.


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