Two Sides

This is a tortured individual, for sure. There is always two sides to the story though. I am who I am not what I did. I am an incredible individual who is so unbelievably blessed. I would not have got through the twists and turns that life takes without the people I have encountered. Those whose lives you enter and who enter yours to make a difference. I have been on an incredible journey, which is far from over. That is the beauty in never staying still or keeping quiet. That is what this life has brought out of me and it is my power.

Fearless is facing your fears and by not shutting myself off to the world, this is what I am doing. Not only do I need no validation, but I also seek a freedom and happiness that is beyond my wildest dreams. The truly remarkable thing is that I am getting closer everyday. I feel it throughout me, the strength is rising and there is so much grace and forgiveness on its way. Perhaps that is the way it is with those who grow up so quickly and suffer whilst so young. You learn one thing that changes you and the path you are on, forever.

You want for no one to have to suffer ever again. You realise the extreme nature of this kind of goal, but that still does not bother you. The emotions are already there motivating you. No matter what, no one should have to enter and go through this life without love. That is why it becomes so hard to believe in anything and stick with a belief. The world around you continues to change and shift so much that you cannot determine right and wrong without also changing yourself and your beliefs. You know and understand that there are too many explanations and other factors.

When you fast forward in your life, the only things that remain are scars and memories. That pain does subside as love seeps through into all the cracks. A love that you never believed in, a love that surprises you and comes in the best way at a most necessary time. A simple case of seeing and recognising tears or sadness and holding out a hand, because the truth is that none of us are ever alone. We certainly need to spend some time on our own to get to know ourselves but we never have to. It is a lot of courage and bravery sometimes to trust another, especially when you are damaged, but the results are so worth it.

The kindness is there in every one of us and it is really beautiful.


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