It’s Alright


Sometimes, I cannot sleep at night. Sometimes the pain is all just too much. Everyone may have their own songs and coping mechanisms. Here is mine. And it is so powerful.

I remember the first time I heard it. The scene of the girl on the big flatscreen television, drowning herself in the water of the bathtub. The music had begun and then came the words ‘it’s alright’.

It makes me think…it is alright. It is alright to have weak moments and to sometimes think that you cannot make it. But you also have to realise that it is alright. It will always be alright. Your survival rate so far has been pretty amazing. Everything will be alright.

I play it on repeat over and over until I can sleep and the words sink in. I do not always believe at first. Then comes the realisation in an epiphany-like moment and rather than thoughts, because I honestly already have far too many of them, it brings sleep.


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